Xpert SL LED lightbars

Xpert SL LED lightbar

Slimline LED lightbar designed specifically to suit the latest low profile Haztec LED modules. Available in amber, blue or red as standard. Dual colour versions and other colours available on request.

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The Xpert SL is just 57 mm high, it has been purpose designed to neatly accommodate the latest Haztec LED technology, providing a high output, high visibility lightbar with a very streamlined profile.
Full 360degree visibility is provided by the use of 4 x 8LED corner modules each with an integral wide angle optic.
These corner modules can be supplemented by a choice of either 3 or 6LED inner modules (available in various single and dual colour combinations) as well as with components such as forward or side facing halogen or LED spotlights.
Lenses can be supplied in either clear or coloured material. coloured lenses are available in either blue or red and use a new low saturation colouring to maximise light output. Centre sections can contain additional inner lighting modules or can be opaque complete with illuminated signs.
Latest generation flash controllers support sophisticated flash pattern requirements they also offer functions
such as cruise mode, dimming mode to reduce output under low light conditions and arrowbar modes.

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