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Haztec News June 2014

New ultra thin 4 & 6LED modules

With a depth of just 10mm, the 4-10014 / 4-10016 slimLED range defines a new standard for warning lights. This slim size helps avoid the need to cut holes into bodywork and fit recess mounted lights. Available as single colour or independently controlled dual colour. Click here for more details

New Eurosmart switch modules now available

New compact 4 and 8 way switch modules have been added to the Eurosmart range.
The units have either 4 or 8 x  10A outputs and are fully programmable for use with all existing Eurosmart handsets and dash mount controllers. Click here for more details

Reduced prices on many popular warning lights

As a result of increased sales volumes and reduced cost of some colours of LEDs, we are now able to reduce the prices of many popular warning lights and beacons
Click here for more details